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Property Price Report

Discover the convenience of our instant property appraisal tool! Get a swift and online estimate of your property's price, plus valuable insights into your suburb and current market trends—all for free and online today. Unlock the potential of your property with just a few clicks and under 30 seconds direct to your phone and email.

Sales Appraisal

Get a comprehensive sales appraisal from our team of experienced real estate agents!! Whether it's a desktop assessment or a face-to-face inspection, we're here to determine your property's price in today's market. Receive a detailed appraisal. Receive a detailed sales appraisal today!

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Request an appraisal

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Why get an appraisal?

Getting a property price appraisal from one of our local agents helps you to understand the current market value of your property. This ensures you make informed decisions when it comes to selling. Our property appraisal has always been, and will always be free of charge.

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Why get a Property Price Report?

Get a property price report today for instant access to online data tools, direct delivery to your phone and email, a detailed property price estimate, market insights and trends, property history, and information on local schools and suburb attractions. Don't wait - unlock valuable information about your property now!


What's Included

One Group provides you with a free property price report directly to your phone and email. Check out what's included below.

Instant using online data tools

Access your property information instantly through our convenient online tool, saving you time and effort.

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Direct to your Phone & Email

Receive your property update directly to your phone and email for easy access wherever you are.

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Property Price Estimate

Get your quick estimate of your property's value, helping you make informed decisions.

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Market Insight & Trends

Stay informed about market trends and insights to navigate the real estate landscape effectively.

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Property History

Explore the history of your property to better understand its background and potential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Ray White property value estimate is an estimated value of a given property based on various factors such as property details, sales history, recent sales in the area and market trends. This information is provided by Australia's leading real estate data provider.

Robert Green

Your house value is determined by factors such as location, local sales, block size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the age and condition of the property and other external features such as a swimming pool.

A free online estimate is a quick way to get an understanding of what your house might be worth, however this only takes into account a few factors. The best way to know the value of your property is to have a professional come to your house, with the right service for this dependent on your needs. If you're considering selling and want to know what price you should advertise your house, the best option is to have a free market appraisal from your local agent. If you want to know what your house is worth for legal or financial reasons, you will need a licensed valuer to provide a valuation. This will be a much more conservative value, and isn't what is used if you're looking to sell.

The value of your property can be split into two - legal value and sale value. Legal value is more conservative and is determined through a formal valuation process completed by a registered valuer which includes a detailed report and costs a fee. Sale value, however, is determined through a market appraisal by your local agent. The agent comes to your house and uses their experience to look at your property from the perspective of the market. This provides a guide to your property value and possible selling price.

A valuation provides a formal and conservative value of your home to be used for legal or banking purposes rather than to sell a home. To obtain a valuation, a formal report is created by an accredited valuer and is usually completed over 2-3 business days. Generally there is a $300-$500 fee associated with property valuations.

Appraisals are to be used as more of a guide to property value, and allows you to get a better understanding of a possible selling price.

An appraisal can be carried out by any real estate professional with no fee for the service. The process of an appraisal is based on the real estate professional's knowledge of the market in the area and their assessment of the property.

Ray White One Group offers the services of both a free online property price estimate, as well as a free sales appraisal from your local One Group agent. Valuations however, which are conservative values provided for legal or banking reasons, incur a fee and can only be carried out by accredited valuers.

The photos used in our value estimate reports are taken from partner services and were obtained from historical data of property activity, such as your property being listed for sale, or being put up for rent. If there was no recent activity, we may use a street view image instead.

Keep in mind that some photos may not necessarily reflect recent changes you have made to the property. The timing of the photo does not reflect the time of the data used to determine the estimated value.

The photos used in our value estimate reports are taken from partner services and were obtained from historical data of property activity, such as your property being listed for sale, or being put up for rent. Occasionally, this data is incorrectly uploaded by agents when advertising a property and therefore may continue to be associated with your address. This does not impact the quality of the data being used to determine the estimated value.

Most photos come from when your property was previously listed for sale or up for rent. If it has been a while since either of these occurred, the photo may be outdated. Wherever possible, we will use street view images instead and are constantly working on ways to improve the quality and recency of property photos within our report. The age of the photo does not reflect the age of the data used to determine the estimated value.

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